Antonio Vilches Serra


I started painting before I was able to speak. My waking world was pen and paper. It was a lively world, my drawings seemed to be full of movement, I used to imagine stories, I'd interpret them out loud as I was drawing on the table, on a lonely corner of the living-room, I was inmensely happy creating my own universe.

My referent was Walt Disney, I was fascinated by how his sketches would change, as he would give them life, what I admire the most about this great genius is how he managed to create his own cosmos full of magic.

I see beauty as a ray of light that filters through the curtains at dawn. I”ve wanted to follow that ray of light, catch it and illuminate the image that I try to reflect on a piece of paper. To translate beauty is a constant in my life.

My mother also used to paint, I remember hiding behind the bedroom door where she would place the canvas and easel and observe how she would move, think, sing, while that ray of light illuminated the room.

I would love to see her fashion designs, sketches, notes and the books she studied design from, her teacher”s corrections, that”s how I started my first fashion designs.

That was the beginning of a long road, my current creations are the results of a process of observation, analysis and amelioration of techniques. I started with the oil on canvas technique, to the point of using the watercolor and ink as regular instruments of my artistic work, using thick, rigid paper, to end up doing what I love the most: fashion ilustrations and portraits of icons, and nowadays personalities.

I look for simplicity, I stand by “less is more”, my intent is to make rigid lines flexible, to achieve what I”ve always thought of when creating, to give life to my drawings. The lines take form, achieving an unfinished effect. My colours are mainly black, as Coco Chanel would say, “black has it all“, also white, red and beige.

My idols are Paul Poiret, Christian Berard, I admire Dior and Valentino, Rene Gruau, David Downton designs and more current, Marc Antoine Coulon.

“The intensity of water cannot limit a small stain of fresh paint, suddenly the liquid overflows, unabling limits.There comes a time when your world starts searching the shelter of the universe, that instant is born on a given time, after a slow gestation, such as the creation of a new star. No one knows when or how, but suddenly surges...”